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Countryside Campaigners Protest at proposed Green Belt Housing Developments

Holyport, Maidenhead coutryside earmarked for development Holyport, Maidenhead coutryside earmarked for development

CPRE and Countryside Campaigners are fighting proposals to build on the Metropolitan Green Belt at Holyport, Cox Green, Cookham, and the Golf Club in Maidenhead.


Holyport is one of 23 Greenbelt sites that have been earmarked for possible development to meet the need for thousands of new homes in the next 15 years by Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead in their Local Plan.

83% of the Royal Borough is Green Belt and 90% of the public surveyed by the Local Authority say they want to protect the Green Belt. Because of the increased number of houses required, the Royal Borough is being forced to consider building on the Green Belt in order to meet the 700 houses per year required by the Government. A development of this magnitude will put enormous pressure on schools, roads and other services in the area.

The Green Belt needs to be maintained for it is important for us all to enjoy the quality of life and feel good factor - particularly the Metropolitan Green Belt which is the lung around our cities which all can enjoy and secure their identity without joining the concrete across the countryside.

We need the Green Belt protection strengthened to protect what is valued by the majority.

Write to your MP and let him know how you feel about this development.

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