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The Berkshire countryside is under threat from inappropriate development. Tree Preservation Order is proposed for Maidenhead Golf Club development-see

Here's what we've been doing about it. 

The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) fights for a better future for the English countryside. We work locally and nationally to protect, shape and enhance a beautiful, thriving countryside for everyone to value and enjoy.

Threat to the a "greenfield" site at Donnington, Nr. Newbury in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on the North Wessex Downs.  The Appeal has been lodged by the developer against WBC for refusing plans for up to 401 homes in 87 acres of land north and west of Vodafone HQ. The public inquiry starts on 10th January 2017 and is due to finish by 20th January. The developer argues that WBC cannot demonstrate a 5 year housing supply.

CPRE and Countryside Campaigners are fighting proposals to build on the Metropolitan Green Belt at Holyport, Cox Green, Cookham, and the Golf Club in Maidenhead.

Why is the Green Belt so important? "The answer to our housing crises does not lie in tearing up the Green Belt. Barely 13 percent of this country is covered by such a designation but it serves a valuable and very specific purpose. Green Belts exist not to preserve landscapes but to prevent urban sprawl.  That is what they were created for in the 1950s and that is the valuable purpose they still serve today".  - The Prime Minister, The Rt.Hon.Theresa May, MP

Planning applications for onshore Wind Turbines shows exponential growth leaving communities struggling to safeguard valued landscapes. CPRE is calling for a locally accountable, strategically planned approach to onshore wind development.

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