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Our campaign policies

A child's hands holding two conkers

CPRE Berkshire has ten campaign policies, that underpin everything that we do:

  • Protect the Green belt and other countryside and green spaces in Berkshire from inappropriate development
  • Value our Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)
  • Oppose excessive and unsustainable house building figures – especially where demand arises from outside the county
  • Achieve measurable improvement in Berkshire’s air and water quality, and reductions in all forms of environmental degradation, light pollution and noise disturbance
  • Preserve neighbourhood character and setting by retaining open spaces, and using local materials and building styles
  • Rebalance the national economy to focus economic growth and development away from the overcrowded South East
  • Strengthen our local democracy and decision-making so that new development meets genuine local needs rather than economic growth targets
  • Prioritise and incentivise the regeneration of urban brownfield sites, and promote higher density, well designed, energy efficient developments, with a focus on affordable housing
  • Ensure that new housing is only permitted if environmentally acceptable and where adequate infrastructure and public services are provided
  • Promote greater public awareness of Berkshire’s biodiversity and wildlife habitats, including our woodlands, grassland, heathland and meadows