Clear skies promise great conditions for Star Count 2021

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By Imogen Haig
10th February 2021

Clear skies on Wednesday 10 February promise great conditions for this year’s Star Count

People across Berkshire encouraged to take part in this year’s Star Count have the ideal opportunity to count the stars in Orion tonight (Wed 10 Feb) as the clouds of earlier in the week are clearing to reveal the night sky.

Those wishing to take part have an extra opportunity to gather top tips and find out more by watching tonight’s BBC The One Show, from 7pm, with Star Count featuring as part of the show.

To celebrate the wonder of starry skies, CPRE’s Star Count is a cosmic census to map our view of the stars. It’s taking place between 6-14 February, and this year we’re asking everyone to take part from home. You can take part from your garden, balcony, doorstep or even bedroom window!

A star-filled sky is one of the most magical sights you can see in our countryside and the stars have inspired art and culture for thousands of years. But too often, light pollution means that many of us can’t see the stars, especially if we live in or near a big town or city. Just 3% of people in England experience ‘truly dark skies’.

That’s why we’re counting the stars. Join in by choosing a clear night between 6-14 February and counting the number of stars you can see within the constellation of Orion. It’s easy to do, and you don’t need a telescope or any equipment.

Your results will help CPRE create an interactive map of the nation’s view of the night sky, and where light pollution is at its worst, so local councils can take action. It’s a family-friendly activity that’s quick and easy to do, even during lockdown, and can help more of us experience the beauty of a starry sky.

More on how to take part in Star Count here