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Time to ‘re-wild’ our gardens and grass verges, says CPRE

5 May 2024

Wild flowers brighten up our rural landscapes and many of our residential streets during the spring, and a local countryside charity wants more “re-wilding” to enliven our surroundings and help nature during the whole month of May.

The Berkshire Branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) is calling on local communities across the Royal County to get involved in the “No Mow May” re-wilding initiative by letting the wild flowers flourish at this time of year.

“Dandelions, buttercups, daisies, bluebells, primroses, primula, honeysuckle and orchids – these are nature’s decorations during the springtime,” says CPRE Berkshire Chairman Greg Wilkinson, “and we should leave them be during May.”

CPRE sees “No Mow May” as part of its mission to aid “nature recovery” in Berkshire, not just brightening up lawns and grass verges but providing essential habitats for bees and butterflies.

“The numbers of pollinators are declining here in Berkshire and throughout the country, and they need all the help they can get,” says Greg Wilkinson.

“All year round, gardens and verges are vitally important wildlife havens, so if we put the lawnmowers away and let our lawns flourish in the next few weeks we will be doing nature a big favour.

“So, allowing dandelions, daisies and honeysuckle to bring a splash of colour to the grass is also the best way to enable to help bees and butterflies to survive.”

The “No Mow May” initiative was launched by Plantlife and the Wildlife Trusts, and is supported by a wide range of environmental charities including CPRE. To find out more about how you can encourage the recovery of Britain’s depleted nature, and to support CPRE’s campaign work for our local countryside, please go to the charity’s website and follow CPRE Berkshire on Twitter and Facebook.